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Connecting With Colors Program to SYNERGIZE Every relationship in Your LIFE - 7-Session Self-Paced Online and Downloadable Study Course.
The 5-Session Virtual Bootcamp for Facilitators wanting to fully understand the Connecting With Colors Personality Styles and how to use them to create a 6-Figure Income.
This is a complete package for the In-House trainer who needs a captivating program to build Team Synergy in their organization.
This is the simple video presentation for private study or for display to a small work group - no speaking required! homepage - for all things "Connecting With Colors"
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What's NEW about Personality Styles?

How it is presented!

Because communication is the KEY to SUCCESS in 7 Life Areas, you will find an overview of each of the 6 UTrain Professional Development programs - each including 1 Session on Connecting with Color Personality Styles for business and corporations.

Each program also brings in User-Friendly Quantum Field Theory as it relates to the Attitudinal Energy of SYNERGISTIC Communication!

Your newly acquired Color's Attitudinal Language of Synergy will become a "go to" point of intervention, defusing emotional intensity, emotional build up and emotional melt downs quickly by bridging understanding throughout all of your day-to-day interactions.

Historically Personality Styles presentations offer a certain "old-school" reality about our different styles. There is a tendency in our society to use inflammatory labeling. Some presentations are really funny and then suddenly, they are not so funny! You find yourself going home and having an argument with your significant loved ones!


Because of how the information is presented. It's all in the language and the attitude with which the information is presented that will generate synergy ... or not!

People are empowered by their Color Style strengths, and are able to immediately use the quick and easy techniques that I teach that can quickly improve any intense situation ... and in most cases in 30 seconds or less!

Most importantly, this one a simple technique to solving problematic differences, generates SYNERGY.

The fact is, no matter what's going on in our world or our economy, we still must continue to strive to get along in effective and emotionally healthy ways.

Developing an understanding of personality preferences dates back as far as WWII. The Myers-Briggs Indicator was published for public use in 1962, Virginia Satir's Stress Responders was developed in the mid-70s, and the DISC and other Colors programs have followed.

You have undoubtedly taken some form of a personality style assessment before and what I will bring to your group is re-engineered language, attitudinal energy, new paradigm understanding and how to manage intense situations in 30 seconds or less.

Connecting with Colors Programs, Individualized Personality Styles Profiles-PSPs in each of the 7 LIFE AREAS and Book teach people who are struggling why they are doing what they are doing and how they can SYNERGIZE it in the easiest, most efficient ways possible.

Yours in service,
Michelle Fought, Certified CWC Facilitator

Connecting With Colors

Connecting with Colors® Book

This is the little book that positively transforms conversations. What you will truly enjoy about Mary's NEW book, Connecting with Colors, is that you will learn what makes our individual quirks quite entertaining! You will actually feel RELIEF about those problematic areas of your own personality style. You will learn that your strengths, ironically because they are strong, are sometimes also your problematic areas. But you won't be left wondering what to do about it. Connecting With Colors softcover book

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Connecting with Colors®  UClick&Play™ Video Program
Connecting With Colors - UClick&Play

This is a 90 minute Live Performance that you can just Click&Play for your training needs. You will receive the tests and license to print out for each participant. This is a cost-effective, Do-It-Yourself Training Program designed to teach the basic principles found in the Connecting with Colors program, PLUS you will receive the PDF download of Attitude Alignment: the Art of Getting What You Want eBook, in which you will learn the Power of Attitudinal Energy to transform intense situations in 30 seconds or less..

Connecting with Colors Training Package

Connecting with Colors®
Colors Program

SYNERGIZE Every Relationship in Your Life

'Up Close & Personal' Connecting with Colors® SYNERGIZE (Every Relationship In) Your Life Personality Styles Program, designed for heart-connecting, accomplished women and evolved really smart men, that will Get YOU More of what you Want and less of what you don't want in each of the 4 Color Styles in every one of the 7 Areas of Your Life:


Connecting with Colors Training Package

Attitudinally, you are either
inviting the best in people to
show up ...or you are inadvertently
pushing the best away.

RIGHT NOW, your understanding
and perceptions about
intense people and situations are
either pulling you closer to personal magnetism and what you do want ...
or closer to what you don't want!


NEW Attitudinal Language
of S

Connecting with Colors® recognizes that each individual has their own unique
Pre-Dominant & Secondary color
which is related to their personality
and motivational style.

MEET Michelle Fought

Michelle's quick wit and entertaining presentation style will immediately capture your attention, as well as your heart. Her workshops with parents, teachers and organizations are creative and interactive while providing the tools and skills for living a more joy-filled, empowered life.


What is a COLOR Profile Test?

The COLOR Profile test that will identify motivational and personality styles preferences and help individuals understand their strengths and idiosyncrasies better. When understanding other people's strengths and neurological differences in a way that neutralizes negative attitudinal energy, we dramatically and instantly improve communication and connection with each other.

WHY COLOR Profiles?

Many Fortune 500 Companies since WWII have used similar tests over the years to better understand how to manage new hires or to help leaders lead and delegate synergistically.

Connecting with Colors® Profile Tests are designed for leaders to learn how to better understand predominant styles of communication to work more effectively with their staff, business acquaintances, associates and customers by instantly tapping in to each person's communication preferences. What Is Your Color Style?

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Connecting with Colors® UTRAIN® Program
Colors Program

Includes Electronically deliverable video, movies and MP3 training audios

A super-sized comprehensive, cost-effective, Do-It-Yourself Training Program designed to teach the basic principles found in the Connecting with Colors companion book.

Connecting with Colors Training Package